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Nutritional Assessments – evaluate your current nutritional habits and needs to design a customized plan to help you meet your goals.

Goal Planning – identify what goals are reasonable for you and offer support and education to help you attain them.

Nutrition Education – on a variety of wellness topics and/or specific to health needs (controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, celiac disease etc.)

Pantry Assessments – I will look at any food items that you currently use for snacks or meals and make recommendations which products are good choices and which items could possibly be replaced with another similar item that may have better ingredients. I’ll show you how to read and interpret food labels, what ingredients to look for and which ones to avoid. You will learn to buy products with confidence in knowing that you are making the best selections for you and your family.

Supermarket Tours – meet me at the grocery store where we will look at each section of the store and talk about great food choices to suit your needs and preferences.

Mind and Body Fullness Exercises – for anyone who tends to overeat, exercises to help you eat a smaller amount of food but get more satisfaction and enjoyment from every delicious bite.

Walk & Talks – (at local park or trail – follow up visits only) – Meet me at your favorite local park or section of the trail and I’ll teach you about nutrition while we walk. It’s double the benefit in half the time. You learn about nutrition and get in some healthy exercise at the same time.

Progress Note – (sent to your doctor at your request) – This service is especially important for anyone with a medical issue to ensure that your doctor is well informed of what we are doing and can contact me with any questions or concerns. It provides you with the best possible care when all healthcare providers are working as a team for your benefit. Even if you don’t have a medical issue, your doctor will still be impressed that you are seeking professional nutrition information to take better care of yourself.

Recipes & Menu Planning – When you are short of time or ideas when planning meals or coming up with recipes to keep the whole family happy and well fed, I can help.

Straight answers about confusing or conflicting nutrition information – Almost every magazine and news show offers information about what to eat or the latest popular nutritional supplement. Unfortunately, much of the information they’re giving you is incomplete or inaccurate. Get the most accurate and up-to-date nutrition information from an expert.

Provide reliable sources for clients to seek sound nutritional information – When you need website or other resources that provide professional and accurate information regarding your health and nutrition.

Cafeteria Makeovers – When your business cafeteria is making your employees unhealthy, I can help. I’ll come to your workplace and assess your menu. Together we’ll come up with some delicious, healthier selections to help employees improve issues such as high cholesterol.

Workplace Health Education – If you’re looking to reduce the cost of health insurance by improving employees health, I will custom design a lunch and learn educational program specific to your employees needs and schedules.

Doctor’s Office Classes – If you’re a doctor or other healthcare provider who would like to offer nutrition education classes to your patients. I’ll work with you to put together a single class or series of classes, taught in your office for your patients or to attract new patients.

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